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Frequently Asked Questions

What About Back Ups?

It does not matter whether you have a home computer or a business computer, if the information on your computer is important, BACK IT UP.

All or some?

In the past, backup media was expensive and limited in size.  We only backed up critical data.  To restore a system, you had to reinstall the operating system, all of the application software, configure your system, printers, etc.  Then you could restore your data.  It might take many hours to get back where you were.

Today, the media is much less expensive and has much greater capacity.  With external backup hard drives, you can backup an entire computer.  The later operating systems, like Windows XP and later, include backup software.  If you run a full system backup, including system state, you can restore a system back to where it was in only a few hours.

Why do I need a server?

Central Filing System – A server provides a central filing system so information can be organized to facilitate

  • Easy access to the information – You do not have to go looking on every computer in the company to find the information.
  • Secure access to the information – You can secure the information by folders, so only people with permission can access the data.

Application Server – Many companies have applications that reside on a “server” computer that other computers access. Server Base Software include file serving applications like Quickbooks, where the data file resides on the server and other computers run the software locally, but access the data file at the same time. Some applications require enhanced software like SQL database applications, where the server runs the Central SQL software as well as sharing the data base files.

Centralized Backup – By having all of your critical data on one server, you can backup all of your critical data at one time. Then you can easily verify the backup.

How do I verify my backup?
  1. Check your backups –  You can verify the date and size of the backup to be sure that backup did what you expected it to do.  Just swapping out the tapes or hard drives is NOT verifying the backup.
  2. Test your backup – You should test your backup periodically by restoring a file from your backup.

Backup Media

  1. Flash Drives – Flash drives are fine for transfer data from one computer to another, but should not be used as reliable storage of your data or your only backup media.  Flash Drives are easily damaged.
  2. CD or DVD –  CDs and DVDs are great for backing up information.  We recommend that you burn 2 copies of critical information and store them in different locations, like a safety deposit box.  This is an easy way to protect those irreplaceable pictures or critical information.
  3. Hard Drives – Hard drives are great for full system backups, but they too can be damaged.  Make multiple copies of critical system backups and data.  Rotate the backup media.

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Mary Byrd

Office Administrator, Creekwood Dental Arts