Why Do I need a server?

Central Filing System – A server provides a central filing system so information can be organized to facilitate

  1. Easy access to the information - You do not have to go looking on every computer in the company to find the information.
  2. Secure access to the information -  You can secure the information by folders, so only people with permission can access the data.

Application Server -  Many companies have applications that reside on a “server” computer that other computers access.  Server Base Software include file serving applications like Quickbooks, where the data file resides on the server and other computers run the software locally, but access the data file at the same time.   Some applications require enhanced software like SQL database applications, where the server runs the Central SQL software as well as sharing the data base files.

Centralized Backup -  By having all of your critical data on one server, you can backup all of your critical data at one time.  Then you can easily verify the backup.