We approach IT Environments from three perspectives with Disaster Recovery having the greatest priority.  If a company does not have procedures to ensure disaster recovery, there is no point in spending money on improving performance.  Once disaster recovery is addressed, then we look at security.  Good security can prevent some disasters.  Finally, we look at how we can improve the performance of a network environment.

  1.  Disaster Recovery:    Does the company have good backup procedures?  What are they backing up?  Do they verify the backups?  Do they identify critical systems?  What would it take restore operations if critical systems failed?
  2. Computer Security:  Who has access to what information?  Data on a computer should be organized in folders.  Security can be applied to the folders, only giving access to authorized people.   Access to servers and wiring closets should also be secured.
  3. Performance:   Can we tweak systems to get better performance?  Does the company need faster Internet connection?