More Testimonials

“When we called Intetech, our file server was completely down.  Team members arrived within a couple of hours of our call.    They even brought a temporary PC with them so they could get us back online immediately.  Luckily, we didn’t need to replace any expensive hardware.  They were able to troubleshoot the problem and get us up and running within thirty minutes.  They followed up with us afterwards and have been helping us with system maintenance and clean up.   We have only been using Intetech Systems for a couple of months now, but will continue to call them when we have any issues.” - JMJ Auto Salvage

 “In a business where down-time and high employee turn-over can cost us hundreds and thousands of dollars, Intetech has done an excellent job keeping our systems online.  With just a phone call, the technicians can enact staffing changes and user modifications remotely while maintaining the integrity of our network security.  Over the last few years we have grown from one employee to thirty-five employees.  The Intetech team has been with us the whole time helping us keep the technology we use in step with our business growth.”  - Bass Direct Marketing